Toadstool Shelter


This beautifully handcrafted real slate ornament is a wonderful natural addition to any aquarium or vivarium.  The slate has been filed, washed, sterilised and sturdily constructed using only aquatic safe materials.  This ornament will not fade as do many resin based painted products.

Every ornament we make is unique, no two can ever be exactly the same and the item you receive will be similar to the pictures shown.

A choice of small or medium size toadstool shelter.  Suitable in either an aquarium or vivarium.  For fish, reptiles or insects.

The design allows a quiet private place for your pet while still enabling you to view them.  Small reptiles will appreciate basking on the roof.  Slate makes an ideal basking area as it catches and retains the warmth from a heat lamp very well.  Please take note of the ornament size given below, you may need a smaller toadstool ornament or some other platform/ramp for your pet to gain access.  

This would also make a nice shelter for certain species of fish and other aquatic creatures who may be wary of entering a more enclosed cave.  

Small size:

The external dimensions are approximately 9cm length x 9cm width x 5cm height.

Medium size:

The external dimensions are approximately 13cm length x 13cm width x 6cm height.